Toy Hack


This little guy was rescued from a local value village, abandoned by an owner who did not care enough to fix him - I did what any good engineer would do. I brought him home, tapped into the broken PCB and after a protoboard add-on revived him with autonomous functionality added in.

An Arduino compatible board along with some homemade IR sensors and an Ultrasound Sensor were used to give the little guy eyes. The old PCB was hacked and the RF receiver was snooped for signals from the remote for manual control. The H-bridge tracks were cut and wired to the new custom board giving control of the motors to the Arduino. All in all this was a fun weekend hack and a fun toy to play with!

Build Pictures

SDC12333Only $4.99 at a Local Thrift Shop!

SDC12337Rusted Motors

SDC12338Reverse Engineering the Internal Schematic

TopRough Layout for Custom Control Board

SDC12343Just like I planned!

SDC12364Testing the Functionality

SDC12339Upgrading the Battery and Tapping into the Control Board

SDC12340Wires Everywhere....

SDC12407Complete Top View


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