Raven Quadracopter

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The Raven project was the result of an unfulfilled childhood desire to fly. It is a quadracopter with FPV goggles. This project is not a kit but did use many off the shelf components. A fellow hacker hardmouse from LMR, gave me an old GAUI quadracopter chassis he had laying in his basement. This chassis was beaten up and only had mounting holes for small motors. I fixed the chassis up, made new aluminum mounts for bigger motors and an FPV pan and tilt mechanism. I also etched a custom power distribution board which provided power to the entire system.

The system was successful in initial flights and won first place at a Waterloo design competition (featured in local newspapers Iron Warrior and Imprint). Some work remains until the FPV is working flawlessly, but more importantly I need to log more flight hours before I am comfortable taking sensitive equipment like a camera up in the air.

Build Pictures

SDC10384Etched and Soldered Power Distribution Board

SDC10385Sealed with Waterproof Sealant for Flight

DSC06929A Closeup of the Hobbyking Quadracopter Board

DSC06940Closeup of the Pan and Tilt FPV Mechanism

SONY DSCReady for Flight!
(with wooden safety bumpers)

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