Glaurung Flamethrower

The Glaurung Project is a control board for a flamethrower. It was designed from the ground up to be used in Texas Heat - a battlebot. The board takes 24V and generates 12V, 5V and 3.3V for all peripherals used for the flamethrower. The board is powered by 3.3V which is protected from the rest of the system so that a short on the robot or any sensor would not damage the Glaurung board. A USB port allows for real-time data acquisition and robot diagnostic when in the pits. Unfortunately as this is a competition battle-bot the schematics or ignition mechanism cannot be shared publicly.

This project has also been integrated into a Burning Man art-car as a control board for a fire show on DiscoFish, which has also been featured on Gizmodo.

New Life in DiscoFish!

Build Pictures

GlaurungBottomBottom View

GlaurungTopTop View

Layer Stackup

Top Layer

Internal Power Planes

Internal GND Layer

Bottom Layer

Making Sure the Bare Board Fits in it's Case

First Signs of Life!

Bottom View

Top View

First Trial Run

DiscoFish at Burning Man

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