Bluetooth Breadboardbot


Breadboardbot was the result of me needing a quick prototyping platform. Instead of building a functional test jig I decided to put this little guy together! His main goal was to help me reverse engineer a cheap Chinese Bluetooth module to establish communication with a smartphone and/or laptop. He served his role dutifully in getting the module to work. I have future plans to explore robot designs in swarm robotics using this cheap HC-05  Bluetooth module. Since I have completed this project other have also reverse engineered this module and posted good instructions in English here.

The program use to communicate to the robot is PocketPuTTY for the phone or PuTTY if communicating from the PC.

Build Pictures


Putting the H-Bridge together.


The circuit used.


One important thing to note is that the sense pins must be tied to GND if not used. The datasheet did not specify this and I wasted half an hour troubleshooting the system.


 The suggested circuit in the datasheet explaining the H-bridge.




A front angle of the complete project.

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