About Me

MeCompressedMe in Cambodia

I was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1991 to Russian parents. I spend my childhood as a happy kid who would spend his days in extracurricular activities, playing sports or wandering away from the house with my friends in search of adventure - usually returning in the evening with scraped knees and answers to a couple "What ifs?". I was often looked after by my grandmother, a retired chemistry professor, who managed to spark a desire for understanding the world around me from scientific perspective at an early age.

My family and I moved from Europe in 1999 and I completed most of my schooling in Canada. After high school I chose to attend the University of Waterloo for Mechatronics Engineering. I chose this program because I was interested in a multi-disciplinary degree with a strong focus on practical work experience. Through my internships and course selections I have primarily focused on hardware design of embedded systems - mostly in the consumer and medical sectors.

My childhood hobby of wandering from home has grown up with me. I have road tripped though much of North America, sailed through the Caribbean, bused through Europe, back packed through the Middle East and hitchhiked through Asia. Travel is a great teacher and I carry the lessons learned with me everywhere that I go. Currently I am living in Seattle but I hope to have much more of this map filled out in red before I kick the bucket.

Places I've been

I have many hobbies that vary depending on where I am living. Scuba diving, hiking, camping, rock climbing, snowboarding, salsa dancing, weight lifting, photography, reading and soccer are all on a list of things that help to keep me sane.

14034730_1003884306394495_2787866933861077069_nRapping Off Forbidden Peak

Above all, however, I love to make and create. I find myself building or researching something every day. A day where I didn’t learn something or make something feels wasted. I find myself fascinated by the different ways that technology and man can work together. Technology is improving by astonishing leaps and bounds every day. I want to remain on the cutting edge of development. My education and hobbies position me well for such a future. Let's make something exciting together.

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