These projects are my best bits. It is a collection of odds and ends I have created over the years. Browse around and click on a project to get more details!

The Glaurung Flamethrower 


When primordial man tamed fire he used it for practical things such as cooking food. When a modern engineer tames fire he attaches it 60 pounds of steel and unleashes it in a battle arena to wreak havoc. The Glaurung Project is a control board for a flamethrower. It was designed from the ground up to be used in Texas Heat - a battlebot. This project has also evolved into a Burning Man project as a control board for a fire show on DiscoFish.

Raven Quadracopter


The Raven project was the result of an unfulfilled childhood desire to fly. It is a quadracopter with FPV goggles. I used an old broken frame as a base, machined some aluminum sheet to make new mounts, made a power distribution board, purchased all the electronic components needed to make it fly and began the build!



Tilt-2-Win was the coffee fueled frantic result of a 24 hours hack-a-thon at Microsoft. Teams were given just over a day to create and design any project of their choosing. My roommates and I teamed up and put together a quick tilting maze game that was controlled with a phone. In the end this project took first place overall and first place in the hardware division!

I.M.P. Quadrapod 


I.M.P. stands for Intelligent Mobile Platform. He is a hybrid drive quadrapod. The idea was to see how various forms of locomotion can help a robot function in a household environment. I took this project on in my first year of engineering studies. In the end I.M.P. was able to hold 150% his own weight and perform some basic gait motions.

Tiny Tim


What better way to celebrate the end of your degree than by building a robot that begs for money? Perhaps that will even help with some of the student loans?


Bluetooth Breadboardbot


ProtoBot was the result of me needing a quick prototyping platform. I was interested in reverse engineering a cheap bluetooth module that came with a manual written only in Chinese. Unfortunately my Mandarin/Cantonese were a little rusty so instead of just working on a bread board - I put this little guy together! He is awfully cumbersome but served his role dutifully in helping me get the module to work.

Marx Generator


Every mad scientist needs lightning as this is an integral part of creative genius (see Tesla). Not having a  stormy night and maniacal laughter handy, I decided to build a two stage generator that used a Cockroft-Walton Multiplier into a  Marx Generator instead. The final unit was turned on via a remote relay and produced arcs of about 30-40kV at >5mA with a charge time of about 40s. This same technology is used to generate EMP pulses and as A-bomb detonators.

Light Sensor 


This is a cheap sensor that can determine the tone of a color placed in front of it. I came across the concept on one of my days aimlessly wondering the vast ocean of the internet. In a day I threw together some components, scribbled some code and built a plastic case for it. This project has proven to be popular as a tutorial in the US on LMR and in Russia on RoboCraft.

Line Follower


As a freshman in university I volunteered to participate in an enrichment pilot program that introduced students to Arduino. This was a fun project that resulted in several late nights and nursed a healthy caffeine addiction. Although a challenging project at the time it was a necessary learning experience and helped get me hooked on hardware!

Toy Hack


This little guy was rescued from a local value village, abandoned by an owner who did not care enough to fix him - I did what any good engineer would do. I brought him home, tapped into the broken PCB and after a protoboard add-on revived him with autonomous functionality added in.



These little guys were built as Christmas gifts. The internal circuitry uses an IC out of dollar store garden lights. During the day the robots sit quietly gathering sunlight and at night they turn on their LEDs to signal to the robot invasion fleet...